What Our Villages Patients Are Saying!

“I had a serious gum problem. After my stroke, I was put on blood thinners and the problem got worse. A dentist told me I’d probably have to have my teeth pulled and wear false teeth. Another one recommended I see Dr. Bonner instead. Today, my teeth and gums are healthy. I can’t sing Dr. Bonner’s praises loudly enough. He even opened his office on a Saturday night to take care of me. He wrote the book on patient care.”

Bernice Steckert, children’s book author

“I go to Dr. Bonner every three to four months and he’s very, very good. People going to the dentist get kind of hyped up. But it’s very easy to talk to Dr. Bonner. He speaks in layman’s language. And when he starts talking to you, you enjoy the conversation so much, you forget what you’re there for. I recommended my friend to him and she called to tell me she really, really likes him. He makes keeping your teeth and gums healthy very easy.”

Bonnie Kanneberg


“Dr. Bonner’s probably the best periodontist I’ve ever encountered in terms of constructive help at a price you can afford. The things he did weren’t big deals but they made a big difference. I’ve had periodontal problems for more than 30 years and had even been advised to have all my teeth pulled. Today, my teeth are in the best shape they have been since I was an infant. You have to select a periodontist with care. Dr. Bonner represents his profession well.”

Charlie Guy

“As a kid I was scared to death of dentists. I’d only go when I needed a tooth pulled. I finally decided ‘come hell or high water’ to get my teeth fixed. My father had lost his and I knew if I took after him it wouldn’t be pretty. My dentist recommended Dr. Bonner. Even though he had to do surgery on one of my implants, he’s friendly and caring. I’ve finally found a dentist who doesn’t frighten me. You can feel good in his company.”

Anna Mae Huntzinger

“When I lived up north I had a lot of periodontal surgeries, so when I moved down here, I was glad to find Dr. Bonner. He and the girls in his office always make me comfortable. They are very gentle. Dr. Bonner really keeps track of everything to make sure my teeth and gums stay healthy. He’s taught me there’s a big link between the health of my mouth and my overall health. I don’t even go to another dentist, now.”

Cathy Ruppert