Periodontal Disease and Tobacco Use

You are probably familiar with the links between tobacco use and lung disease, cancer and heart disease.

Current studies have now linked periodontal disease with tobacco usage. These cases may be even more severe than those of non-users of tobacco. There is a greater incidence of calculus formation on teeth, deeper pockets between gum tissue and teeth as well as greater loss of the bone and fibers that hold teeth in your mouth. In addition, your chance of developing oral cancer increases with the use of tobacco.

Chemicals in tobacco such as nicotine and tar slow down healing and decrease the predictability of a successful outcome following periodontal treatment.

Problems caused by tobacco include: (Note: Should we list the items below as bullet points?)

Lung disease, heart disease, cancer, mouth sores, gum recession, loss of bone and teeth, bad breath, tooth staining, less success with periodontal treatment and dental implants.

Successfully quitting tobacco will reduce the chance of developing the above problems.